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Sewer & Drain Cleaning to Remove Clogs

No matter how vigilant you are, over time drains start to run slower and slower as grease, hair and other debris start to accumulate. The plumbing experts at Original 49.95 Plumbing have the equipment and experience needed to remove any clogs that may be found in your drains. Let us get your drains flowing freely with our drain clog removal services today.

We Unclog Kitchen Sink Clogs

In the kitchen, there are a lot of soaps, greases and fats that are going down your drain constantly. These debris start to accumulate on the sides of your pipes and cause the drains to be slower over time. Original 49.95 Plumbing specialize in removing any clogs you may have in your kitchen so you don’t have to worry about a drain that isn’t working properly.

We Unclog Bathroom Shower, Bathtub & Sink Drain Clogs & Toilet Sewer Blockages

Usually the biggest culprits in bathroom drain clogs include soap, hair and toothpaste. Toilets are often clogged with a variety of problems and require the help of the professionals at Original 49.95 Plumbing. We have the specialized equipment needed to cut through any clog and clean your bathroom drains completely.

Outdoor Drain Clogged with Mud or Silt?

Your outdoor draining system is important in keeping your home safe from water damage. If you are experiencing clogs in your downspouts, we have the experience and training needed in removing them.

We Clean & Unclog Basement Floor Drains

Your basement and utility rooms are always equipped with drains to keep any excess water from destroying the space. These drains all have traps in them that must be kept clean to keep water draining properly.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning to Remove Clogs

If you notice any or your drains or sewer lines are slower than normal, call on the professional plumbers at Original 49.95 Plumbing to get them draining as they should.

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