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At Original 49.95 Plumbing, we have provide drain cleaning and inspections to our valued customers in the Brooklyn, NY area. There isn’t a clogged drain that we can’t handle to help keep your drains flowing freely. Our friendly staff provides high-quality plumbing services at affordable prices that can’t be beat. We work hard to ensure all of our customers are completely satisfied with the services we render every time. Here is a sample of the service you can expect to receive when you choose us.

Main Sewer Line & Drain Clogs

There are times that homeowners are able to handle small clogs on their own. When you are faced with a difficult clog that is keeping the water from flowing freely in your drains, it’s time to call Original 49.95 Plumbing to get it out. We can remove even the toughest clogs found in main sewer lines as well as kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower stalls, tubs and toilets. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a single or multiple clogs, we will ensure they are gone before we leave your home or business.

High Velocity Water Jetting

When you find yourself faced with an extreme clogged drain, our high velocity water jetting services are the best way to remove it. The high pressured water jetter is able to cut through even the toughest debris that is filling your pipes and blocking water flow. Not only will this remove any of the debris that has built up in your drains, but it will work to prevent future problems you may have. Without the use of damaging chemicals, there isn’t a clog that our jetter isn’t able to get out of your pipes.

Video Camera Plumbing Inspections

With the help of a flexible rod and a high-tech, water proof camera the plumbing experts at Original 49.95 Plumbing are able to see deep into your plumbing system. This gives us a view of your pipes in their entirety. We are able to retrieve lost items that have fallen down drains as well as inspect your plumbing for future home purchases, remodeling projects and more. If there are any repairs that are needed or maintenance to be performed, we will be able to see it.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

With our comprehensive drain and sewer cleaning services, you are left with nothing but free flowing drains. Whether dealing with your kitchen, bathroom, utility or outdoor draining systems, we will ensure they are clean and no water is backing up. If your gutter drains, yard drains, kitchen drains and bathroom drains are running slow, we have the equipment to fix it. Sometimes when you are dealing with grease traps that are causing problems, we are able to remove any of the buildup and grime so they will be functioning as they should in no time.

The next time your drains are giving you problems, don’t hesitate to call on the plumbing professionals at Original 49.95 Plumbing for all your plumbing inspection and drain cleaning needs.

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