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Plumbing Video Camera Inspections

Throughout the years, the way your plumbing is repaired has surely evolved. At Original $49.95 Plumbing, we use video cameras to find the source of the problem fast. Our team of highly trained plumbers have the skills and experience needed to remove any problems that we may find inside your plumbing with the use of waterproof cameras mounted on flexible rods. This way of getting a visual of the inside of your pipes improves our accuracy and service. The images are saved so that we can refer to them as often as needed to ensure we are solving the problem completely for you.

Video Cameras Offer Accurate Information to Solve Plumbing Problems

With the use of video cameras, Original $49.95 Plumbing can take the guesswork out of removing any obstructions that may be found within your plumbing. With the use of radio transmitters, we are able to locate the obstruction accurately and know exactly where in the pipes it is located. This makes the process of removing obstructions quick and more efficient.

When is a Plumbing Video Camera Sewer Line & Drain Pipe Inspection Recommended?

Video camera inspections are a great way to identify a variety of plumbing problems. If you are experiencing any problems like corrosion, misaligned pipes, punctures or root intrusion, video cameras will be able to find the problem so they can be repaired. They don’t just help us to locate obstructions, but are also helpful in ensuring that we have completely removed any problems in your pipes. This gives you the peace of mind to know that the obstruction is completely removed.

Video Camera Inspection Services in Brooklyn, New York

Original $49.95 Plumbing offers expert sewer and drain cleaning and related services to remove clogs and obstructions and clear slow moving drains. Contact us to schedule an inspection or other appointment today!

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